If you are adding living space to your basement you will be required to install some form of basement egress. A precast bulkhead is the most effective way to meet this requirement.

There are basically 3 professional services that make up a bulkhead installation on an existing home. First you must excavate the area. The second step is to cut the opening or remove the old bulkhead. The third is to install the precast unit with a steel top. The excavator then returns to backfill the area around the new bulkhead.

Scheduling different contractors to complete a project like this can be difficult and stressful. It is crucial that everything is completed on time and that everyone works together. Once the excavator digs the hole, it is essential that job is completed in a timely manner.

Means Precast offers this entire service as one! We offer free estimates, and will help you decide on a location best suitable for your precast bulkhead. We will call Dig Safe, dig the hole, cut the opening, install the bulkhead, and backfill! Most jobs can be completed in one day. Having Means Precast do the entire job ensures that each step is done effectively so that the next goes smoothly.

*First and foremost, we must be able to get heavy equipment into the area*

For access, we have a large truck that must be able to get within a short distance of where the bulkhead is to be installed.

The steps we take for installing a precast bulkhead are as follows:

      Choose a location that will best suit the needs of the basement egress.
      Call Digsafe. Digsafe notifies utility companies of the proposed excavation. The utility companies will send their own personnel to mark any underground lines in the area of your excavation. www.digsafe.com
      Excavate the area. Dig the hole large enough for the installation of the new precast bulkhead
      Cut the opening. Using a concrete saw. We will cut an opening in your foundation wall. If you have an existing bulkhead we will remove it. No concrete cutting would be necessary
      Install the precast unit and steel top.
      Backfill the bulkhead.

Working with means precast allows you to completely relax. Make one phone call to us and we will take care of the entire project for you.